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(World-As-It-IS Dialogue/Inquiry)



How are we going to live our lives?


Will we live our lives based on the actuality of life?

Or will it be a life based on conceptual imagery revolving around a conceptual “me”?


What is the actuality? Can it be “known” in thought imagery?


Is the idea of a “me” reaching a “transcendent state” an actuality, or is this actually a projection of thought based on an image of a fictional “me”?


Anyone who sees the utter futility of continuing to seek a thought-projection of a transcendent, or more desirable state, in an imagined future, for an imaginary “me” to reach, is invited to join a dialogue/inquiry based on “the world-as-it-is.”

An exploration into “What will we co-create?” “How will we relate to one another?” “What actually is the actuality?” “Can we live in full contact with life, or only within limited/divisive thought structures?”



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